Our Story

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What Drives Us?

The same thing that drives you. Advancing the credit union mission of “people helping people”.

So who’s “us”?

Family. Keith and Joe Winn, the father/son team of GreenProfit Solutions. One’s an industry veteran who pioneered the digital transition way way back in the 1980s. The other is a Millennial actively writing and speaking on topics important to credit unions (and their members). That’s well over a half-century of experience, but who’s counting?

What is cuZOOM?

Great question. Auto loans are a core priority for the credit union world. They’re also harder than ever to book, with competition from dealers, online car shopping sites, and emerging fintechs.  cuZOOM is a suite of products that lets you follow your member’s car buying and ownership journey. Here’s one part of that journey:

Consider cuZOOM your digital transformation, marketing strategy, financial empowerment, revenue booster…all in one.

How does cuZOOM align with GreenProfit Solutions?

cuZOOM was built by the team at GreenProfit Solutions as your auto loan toolkit.

What’s Our Mission?

Our mission is to empower your borrowers so they can experience their best lives.

We believe your institution exists to bring positive change to your community. A new loan isn’t just interest. It’s freedom for a member unable to afford oppressive rates. A vehicle service contract isn’t just a way to avoid unexpected repair bills.

It’s a safeguard to make sure a mother can continue driving to work and a father can drive his daughter to school, while protecting that family from a chain reaction of negative financial consequences.

Protection and Empowerment. That’s what your lending can offer. And cuZOOM ensures your continued success while spreading that mission. We’re about “people helping people”. A portion of our revenues supports charity work both locally and across the country. We help you promote cuZOOM programs in a way that directly raises funds for your foundation (or favorite charity).

What’s Your Next Step?

Visit our Solutions to see how cuZOOM can help you grow auto loans while serving your members.