Auto Loan Protection Products

Protect Your Portfolio and Your Borrowers

GAP claims increase at a staggering rate every year. Certain classes of vehicles are experiencing record depreciation. Can your GAP program keep up?

Your previously-simple choice (GAP or no GAP) is now a complex and changing environment. For example, 100% LTV may not always mean 100% LTV, due to depreciation, incentives, and other factors.

Combined with increasing cost of repairs, this means more loans underwater.

Are You Currently Shorting Claims?

Your borrowers may, or may not, be protected against high costs in case of total loss. Same with your portfolio. As underwater loans increase, you may be forced to address more delinquencies and repossessions. No one wants that.

Has your GAP provider told you about these warning signs and challenges?

VisualGAP provides:

  • Coverage to do all we can to ensure your members stay protected
  • GAP & GAP Plus – Flexible coverage to fit todays lending challenges
  • TotalRestart – Loyalty benefit to protect down payment & equity in event of total loss
  • Warranty/MBI – Choice of top-rated programs. We recommend CU Certified Auto, though you may choose the best for your goals.
  • “Agnostic” system – Mix and match products from different companies to serve your members and preferences

Just for chatting, you’ll receive the related white paper from GreenProfit Learning Library: “Managing Your Auto Loan Portfolio Risk”. Discover 7 major takeaways that will keep members and your portfolio above water.

VisualGAP is a service of Frost Financial Services, the largest independent provider of GAP in the industry.  To stay on top, their research team is always gathering new data to identify trends before they affect your portfolio.