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What can your credit union earn? Great question.

Profit-Share First 4 Years Chart

Let’s build an example using the following values: 50 sales monthly for 4 years; 80% to 20% used versus new; 60% loss ratio.

Profit-Share 8 Year Total Chart

The dollars keep growing! Imagine if, after 4 years, your CU decides to contract with another provider. Profit share dollars still continue to be paid to your CU.

What about your member’s experience?

Average 2019 paid claim – $952

True $0 deductible – includes fluids, sales tax & diagnostics

Positive Collateral – claims never deducted from value

Multi-channel engagement – ensures maximum penetration

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Now that you’ve switched on the light, it’s time to see how “Two is Greater than One” can fit at your credit union. Plus, you’re a bit skeptical. We understand. Doubling your VSC income seems crazy. It is. It’s also possible.

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Profit-share projections are based upon the latest company averages. Your results may differ.